26 September 2010

Events, Shows & Press


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Surfside Artillery Show April 10th 2010.Sponsored by Hybrid Apparel & Vans. Curated by Xpres
Art Culture event show party xpres CBS  Maxx242

CBS CREW SHOW MID-CITY ARTS, Saturday, March 27, 2010 6pm
<Art Culture event show party xpres CBS  Maxx242

Attack of the 2 Headed Monster

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Rival Memorial


March 7th 2009...URBAN-ART-ILLERY PART ONE. Mid City Arts/33Third Curated by Xpres CBS

art show culture event 33third midcity street

Urban Artillery Installation/Opening Recap from 33third Los Angeles on Vimeo.

Chicken Scratch

April 5th 2008 CBS Show at Crewest Gallery DTLA
CBS CREW SHOW
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